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From the end of January through February, I have been accepted as an Artist in Residence at The Australian Tapestry Workshop.

This is pretty exciting. I did a (technically) month long stint of work experience there last year as a part of my studies. I say technically a month, as during the time I had a heavy flu. Even under the influence of influenza I recognised what a brilliant space it is to work in. An exert from my statement of proposal further explains this:

"I’m planning on spending the year 2014 further exploring how the craftsmanship of weave is an integral part of the design process. Having spent a small portion of my degree’s final year at The Australian Tapestry Workshop in 2013, I have an even greater appreciation for the hand crafted. The dedication of hours upon hours to a single task and mastery of it was inspiring. I wish to work as an Artist in Residence at the workshop, knowing what a nurturing and inspiring space it is to occupy. As I am only really starting out in my professional artist practice, access to work on specific project in such a space would be invaluable. It would provide me with the motivation and the access to knowledge that you often lose leaving formal education. I want to avoid losing that momentum in my learning early on in my career."

I reluctanly like putting out "there" what my purpose and aims for the year are. It helps to make them more real and gives you a sense of accountability. Even if it's only a thin promise between you and your keyboard. It still counts for something.

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