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With a heat addled brain I've been working on a woven piece for RMIT Link Arts and Cultures' Onsite / Insite as a part of White Night 2014. That's a bit of a commissioning body mouthful but once you get over your word indigestion, it’s all a bit exciting.

White Night only began last year and I was out of the country. But it was a fascinating to witness the evolution of the event from afar. There were only a few whispers and snippets popping up on my newsfeed and page scrolling in the lead up - none really indicated the scale of event that was to follow. Yet the debut saw 300 000 people exploring Melbourne’s night time splendours and it promises to capture a similar audience this year.

Onsite / Insite is a site specific group exhibition, utilising different areas of RMIT’s city campus and launching on 22 February. Near Building 28 is my stomping ground and I’ll be documenting me marking out my territory in the following weeks…

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